Logistics Sector


Tracense’s TS100 seeks to help couriers, shippers, and freighters to clear containers, trucks, mail, and single or stacked parcels in presently existing storage spaces, “on the go”, and other shipping locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the TS100’s non-invasive vapor sampling, operators can use the collection wand to quickly sample, analyze, and clear large quantities of goods, containers, vehicles, and spaces without disassembling or opening them. The TS100 is a strong addition to currently existing logistics procedures at couriers, shipper, and freighter facilities.


After gathering the vapor samples, the detection and classification algorithms provide a clear yes or no whether the explosive detection sensors were triggered in addition to providing the explosive signature giving operational effectiveness to your organization. With a cartridge life of a week using the system with no consumable replacement, the TS100 is a cost-saving and efficiency driving option to currently existing solutions minimizing maintenance.

Couriers and Shippers

The TS100 utilizes an electro-chemical detector that detects and analyzes chemical makeups using a collection wand and vacuum pump clearing containers, trucks, mail, and parcels in storage spaces without needing to
open or disassemble any skids, palettes, and more. Using the collection wand and a sophisticated algorithm, the electro-chemical sensor compares the detected vapor molecules against currently installed explosive cartridges and profiles. Through the non-invasive operation of the TS100, the operator will not come in contact with a substance.