Explosives Detection


The World’s Best Vapor Sensor Technology


Tracense offers a solution to high-cost, high-labor intensive procedures resulting in more secure outcomes and a safer tomorrow. Offering superior-developed technology grounded in advanced security protocols, straightforward and modular operations, non-invasive methods, and environmentally conscious practices.

Science Safeguarding Security

Land, Air, and
Sea Checkpoints


Sites and Critical


Military and Law
Enforcement Sectors

Land, Air, and Sea - Tracense Tracense seeks to clear passenger goods and air couriers. Land, Air, and Sea Checkpoints Learn More critical sites - Tracense Tracense seeks to safeguard government buildings, embassies, and consulates. Sites and Critical Infrastructure Learn More military - Tracense Tracense seeks to secure and strengthen first responders, field units, and counterterrorism and drug units. Military and Law Enforcement Sectors Learn More Hospitality sector - Tracense Tracense seeks to safeguard hotels, casinos, and other venues where people gather to seek entertainment. Hospitality Sector Learn More logistics - Tracense Tracense seeks to help couriers, shippers, and freighters to clear containers, trucks, mail, and single or stacked parcels in presently existing storage spaces, "on the go", and other shipping locations. Logistics Sector Learn More


  • Patented technology
  • Highly sensitive detection of explosives
  • State of the art electrochemical detection technology
  • High throughput operation
  • User friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Non-intrusive operation
  • Safe green technology
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Robust and reliable
  • Low annual cost of operation including consumables

Clear and Fast Analyses

Non-Invasive Operation

Simplify And Reduce
the Cost of Operation

Highly Sensitive Detection

Robust and Reliable

Safe and Green Technology

International Presence