Pioneering Technology

Tracense has pioneered the use of nano-science to develop leap-ahead explosive detection sensors to fulfill urgent market needs.

Functional Advantages

Exceptional sensitivity and reliability
Air, liquid and solid samples
High throughput, Easy-to-Use
Safe – no radioactive or high voltage source.

Commercial Edge

Low capital expenditure
Low cost annual consumables
Minimal maintenance and downtime

TESS: Pioneering Trace Detection

TESS explosives trace detector

  • PPT Level explosives detection capabilities.
  • Non incursion operation method.
  • Non radioactive or hazard materials components
  • User friendly system.
  • Fast recovery capabilities.
  • On the go detection capabilities.
  • Cartridge based solution for continuous field operation.
  • Self calibrated system.
  • Low rate consumable elements.

Tracense Technology Applications

Tracense trace detectors help prevent deadly attacks by reliably screening for a vast array of threats in real time, with exceptional sensitivity and in a wide range of environments.